Embrace Exotic, Find your Dance Flow, Get Super Strong, and Fiercely Flexible

At Beyond Dance & Aerial, you will be able to embrace your exotic side through dance. We offer a variety of pole and non-pole classes. If dance isn’t for you, we offer strength/conditioning and flexibility classes. All of these are available online and through one on one private, in studio training. Join us and gain strength you never knew you had.

Our Instructors

 is the Owner and lead instructor at Beyond Dance & Aerial.
She has many years of dance experience, including ten years of Ballet, was a professional exotic dancer from 2001-2014, with over three years of instructing pole flow, exotic chair dance, exotic floor dance, burlesque, spin pole flow, Barre, and a variety of strength training and flexibility classes. DJ is also a certified instructor of CRNP Spinning Pole Tricks, CRNP Floor Rockers, and a certified Barre instructor.  She loves connecting with students and sharing the beautiful art of exotic dance with them.

Beyond Dance & Aerial Dancer
Meet Iris

Our spunky, sassy, and sweet instructor! Loved by everyone at the studio , Iris teaches an array of classes at Beyond Dance & Aerial, but you can catch her instructing Lyra many days, when she isn’t practicing her mixed martial arts!

Iris has an eclectic fitness background, with 3 years of being an exotic dancer, also 4 years of mixed martial arts under her belt, and counting! You will enjoy Iris’ own sporty, exotic style and spunky personality. You can find her classes on our schedule!