Beyond Dance & Aerial in Douglasville, GA is a women's only premier pole, aerial, and exotic dance studio.

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Studio Safety Policies & Etiquette 

We want to ensure that everyone dancing with us at Beyond Dance & Aerial is safe and happy. Please help us keep it that way by following these guidelines.


1. Please remove shoes in front entranceway and place them on the rack provided against the wall, before entering studio area.


2. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to start of class. For everyone’s safety, no one will be permitted to participate in class after they are 10 minutes late. Instructors will be locking the doors 10 minutes after class begins.


3. Students with any alcohol and/or opioids in their system will not be permitted to attend classes for their own safety and the safety of others. 


4. Please advise your instructor of any injuries you might have before class begins.


5. Please do not bring anything of value into the studio. Please leave valuables locked in your trunk or vehicle. There are cubbyholes provided in the studio dressing room or your gym bags. Beyond Dance & Aerial is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


6. Please do not touch or  lean on the mirrors for safety reasons.


7. Water is available in the studio, but if bringing your own, please make sure that it has a lid or way it can be closed. Protein or snack bars are permitted in dressing room area only, for the safety and cleanliness of our studio. No meals, or unpackaged foods are allowed in the studio unless specifically assigned for special events. 


8. For safety reasons, leave the instructing up to the instructors. We love and appreciate your input and help, but for liability reasons, please let the instructor do all the assisting for other students.


9. If you are pregnant, please be sure to get a written statement from your OBGYN stating it is okay for you to dance with the pole or any other type of dance. We strongly encourage dancing and exercise so long as it is approved by your doctor. However, we do enforce that you do not invert (go upside down) while pregnant for your and your baby’s safety. Please be mindful and moderate in your movements while dancing pregnant. 


Studio General Policies 


1. No refunds on down payments for private parties.


2. All prices for anything within the studio, including class packages, are subject to change without notice.


3. All students must be 18 years or older to participate in classes.


4. No nudity!


5. All classes must be canceled at least six hours prior to class, or there will be a $10 service fee charged.


6. No-show fee is $10. The no-show fee is applied when a student fails to cancel and does not show up for the appointed class before the door is locked.  


7. Canceling late (less than 6 hours prior to start of class) five times within a month will result in that student’s online registration being disabled.

Students must speak with the studio owner regarding any special circumstances, to prevent this.


8. Class credits cannot be shared or transferred to any other student.


9. There are no refunds available – studio credit only.


10. If a student has a membership package, it is the student’s responsibility to remember the date that funds will be deducted from their bank account. We cannot cancel any memberships without special circumstance. If a student believes they have a special circumstance they must speak with studio owner. If a membership needs to be canceled, there will be a $100 service fee charged to student’s account.


11. If auto pay is declined, student will not be allowed to participate in any classes, until the full amount is paid.

 12. Soliciting and/or unannounced visitors are NOT permitted  as classes may be in session or the studio may not be open. Please contact the studio owner by phone to make an appointment if you wish to advertise or visit.